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Wedding designs

From Seating Charts to Wedding Invitations to Table Signage,
we design it all!

When it comes to Wedding Season, I personally design it all myself as I like being able to add that personal touch.

Yes, I can start designing your Seating Chart before you actually have your finalized attendees list, this way, you can have the peace of mind of at least knowing and deciding on the color scheme and overall design of your media early in the game:)

Additionally, building the color scheme of your Reception and having a plan in place for your printed materials to match the design of your Reception is truly
One big Check on that Wedding list!


SAMPLE DESIGN: Maria & Vance Clarke - Seating Chart


If you have some comments for us or would like to Get Started with your Wedding media, click here to be forwarded to our Contact Us page.

Design Rates

Seating Chart Design   $239
Table Signage
(change of table numbers & list of table guests)
Table Signage (change of table numbers)   $109
Invitations   $159
* Other media designs available upon request.    

Call 709-725-0230 or email info@vinehamdesign.com for more information.



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