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Terms of Service, Vineham Design

Vineham Design does not design graphics that contain sexually explicit material, promote illegal activities, violence, or promote discrimination (on race, disability, sex or nationality); violate intellectual rights, or design graphics considered inappropriate otherwise.

We ‘the company’ agree to complete a ‘project’ once the 50% down payment¬†
has been made in accordance with the 'agreement’ of ‘the project’. The 'agreement' is defined as a verbal agreement, and, can be constituted as a written agreement as well (upon request).

Print process or file distribution will occur once final payment has been received.

We ‘the company’ agree to distribute back to ‘the client’ any files, images, documents, discs, USBs, or any other resources agreed upon as belonging to ‘the client’ if requested to do so. All images and/ or resources belonging to Vineham Design are Copyright and may not be re-distributed without permission.

The terms collectively known as the 'Terms of Service' can be changed and/ or modified solely at the discretion of Vineham Design without any notice whether it be written, verbal or other communication. Any potential change/ modification would not occur amidst the duration of a 'project'.

Payment to Vineham Design can be made by INTERAC e-Transfer, or, payments can be made by PayPal to lbv.352@gmail.com.

Any and all contact information expressed to Vineham Design will be kept completely confidential.



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